Curious About Cannabis (2nd Edition) - Digital Version

Curious About Cannabis (2nd Edition) - Digital Version

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"Hemp. Marijuana. You can call it what you will - it's Cannabis, and it's got a lot of people curious."

Revised and expanded for a second edition, Curious About Cannabis cuts through the hear-say and explores scientific answers to essential questions about "marijuana" like:

• What chemicals are in Cannabis?

• How does Cannabis interact with the human body?

• How is Cannabis used as a medicine?

• What health risks are associated with using Cannabis?

• What is CBD?

• How does CBD interact with other drugs?

• Will I fail a drug test if I use CBD?

• How does Cannabis use affect driving ability?

• What is the endocannabinoid system?

• And much more!

With over 400 pages of information, hundreds of references to Cannabis and cannabinoid research articles, hands-on learning activities, quizzes, and tons of additional recommended resources, Curious About Cannabis will become an essential text for educators, researchers, consumers, and enthusiasts alike!