Curious About Cannabis Book (3rd Edition) Digital Version

Curious About Cannabis Book (3rd Edition) Digital Version

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**NOTE: This is the digital book, not the physical hardback**


About the Curious About Cannabis Book

Curious About Cannabis is the Cannabis educator's bible. Designed specifically with educators and life-long learners in mind, this book guides curious minds on a journey to understand critical Cannabis and cannabinoid science topics. Curious About Cannabis is a fantastic introductory survey textbook for specialized college courses or certificate programs. Curious About Cannabis covers a wide survey of topics including, but not limited to, Cannabis botany, horticulture, taxonomy, chemistry, extraction science and technology, Cannabis testing, the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid pharmacology and more.

If you are serious about learning about the science of the Cannabis plant, or if you are an educator tasked with teaching about this complex plant - this is the book for you!

What's new about this edition?

  • Hardback bound
  • Full color
  • Larger page size
  • Over 500 pages!
  • More Photos!
  • Updated and revised content for 2022
  • New chapters including chapters on endocannabinoids in animals beyond humans, veterinary applications of cannabinoids, and more
  • Expanded chapter on Hemp
  • Information on even more cannabinoids, terpenoids and other Cannabis compounds
  • New organization of chapters
  • New content for educators including quizzes, activities and exams
  • Footnotes for easy citation referencing
  • And more!