Curious About Cannabis Educator Workbook

Curious About Cannabis Educator Workbook

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Do You Teach About Cannabis? 

The Curious About Cannabis Educator Workbook is designed to accompany the Curious About Cannabis textbook to provide educators with resources and ideas for engaging students and assessing their comprehension of critical concepts related to Cannabis and cannabinoid science. The workbook itself is a great assessment tool for Cannabis science related college classes, training courses, and labs.

The Student Workbook is also available which does not include answer keys or educator commentary.


What’s Inside

  • Guide for Navigating Hard or Controversial Topics

  • Vocabulary Games

  • Quizzes by Topic

  • Worksheets, Activities and Lessons

  • Exam Questions

  • Answer Keys

  • Recommended Resources

Primary Topics Covered

  • Cannabis Botany and Horticulture

  • Cannabis Chemistry

  • Cannabis Extraction

  • Cannabis Testing

  • Cannabis Research